Mind Your Manners - Pooch Hotel Lincoln Park (Winter 2A)

3/6/2017 - 4/10/2017 @ 8:15 PM at Pooch Hotel - Chicago/Lincoln Park with Nicolette Meyer & Chelsea Ericson | View Map
Dogs aren’t always great decision makers and sometimes, we humans expect them to be just a little less “doggy” in our homes.  This class focuses on teaching them what polite behaviors you want them TO DO in order to prevent bad behaviors from repeating. We will practice Polite Greetings, Go to Place, Coming when called, and develop a Sit so reliable that you won’t even have to ask! Note: Your dog should be friendly or tolerant to other dogs while on leash in order to attend this class. Structured for dogs aged 8 months and up who already have a foundation of previous training.


If your dog came from a rescue or shelter, let us know and we’ll take $25 off your first class! Returning students can take $25 off for a consecutive class. (Some other exceptions apply.)

Session Details:
Cost: $225.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour lessons
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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